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January 6, 2013 ReviewsTestimonials

"Angela's caring and empathy are well integrated with her training, resulting in a first-rate clinician."

Joan Packard,




"Her dedication to serving her clients the very best that she can, is one of Angela's greatest professional skills. Her empathy, compassion, energy, and sense of humor, have allowed her to touch people in very meaningful ways!"

N. Patrick Seals,




"Angela has proven herself to be an able and competent clinician with her clients and to be diligent in assisting her clients in problem solving development."

Gerry Cirimeli,




"I want to tell you that we, as parents are convinced that Angela is a very good psychotherapist in our son's name, we are very happy that we have had the pleasure of meeting her."

Mrs. Sylvia Junge,




"I totally trust Angela. She is the best therapist I have ever been to. I won't go to anyone else!"

12 year old client                                                                                                              

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