January 20, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I know who to go to?

Answer:   It is difficult to know where to begin finding a therapist. Your insurance will often give you a long list of therapists to call. When calling, use your gut level intuition and go with the person who sounds knowledgeable about your issues and feels personable to you. Choosing the best therapist is important! You always have the opportunity to select a different therapist if you become aware that the match is not a good one for you.



Question:  What if my partner/child doesn’t want to come?

Answer:  This is not a problem. Your family members do not have to be in therapy with you for change to happen. When one member in the system changes, others will too!



Question:  How long does therapy take?

Answer:  The length of treatment varies with each individual or family unit. Clients come to see me from as little as 2-3 sessions,  5 to 10 sessions or more, and for more extensive work 1-2 years. Often, clients will take breaks from therapy and return with either new issues or to continue their growth process.



Question:  How do I know if this is helping?

Answer:  You will often begin to think, feel, and act differently very quickly. If you find that you are resisting making changes, you may not be fully ready to do the work at hand. That is okay, you may continue any time. We are all on our own path, only you can figure out your own journey.



Question:  Do you give advise or tell me what to do?

Answer:  No, it is not my job to tell you what to do. However, we will look at your options and the consequences they may have and I will help you make decisions that are in your best interest. You are responsible for your choices and that is the crux of therapy!



Question:  Can I come back?

Answer:  Yes, clients often come back for tune up of their newly found skills.