My Phylosophy

I have been in the mental health field since 1981, and licensed for 30 years.

I believe in people’s inner strength to grow and change.  I can help individuals find new options, and ways to interact with each other to solve their own problems effectively.

I strongly feel that the therapeutic relationship must be a safe and nurturing one.  I challenge clients, often in playful ways.  The goal is for clients to take responsibility for their own behavior, and gain awareness of their thoughts and actions in order to be effective with others.

Clients often make progress within as few as 1-6 sessions.  Many of my clients work on through for several months to 1-2 years on a variety of different issues.  In addition, clients return to me intermittently during times of crisis throughout the years.

You will notice daily positive changes in your life experiences immediately, and that is very motivating.