Appointment Setting

You may contact me for an initial consultation over the phone at (916) 772-7882. At that time, you may ask me any questions you have about me or my work to get an idea of who of I am and whether or not I can assist you. Once you feel that I am able to fit your needs, we will schedule your first appointment. If the therapy is for your child(ren), I generally meet with the parent(s) first prior to working with your child


Once you make your appointment, you will need to call Nor-Cal Billing, in order to proceed with the process. Their number is (888) 622-1017. They will call your insurance, get your authorization, if needed, and find out your co-pay, if any. They will be your contacts for any billing, or insurance questions.


You may leave a message on my answering machine anytime I am not available to take your call. I will contact you at my earliest convenience, usually within a few hours, or at the end of my day. All messages are confidential.


Appointments are scheduled weekly or as needed. I am available in case of crisis, and will provide you with my cell number for ready access should you need extra support. I will be available for calls under 15 minutes but you will incur charges if you need more time.

In some cases, I am available to do phone interventions should it be clinically indicated.

We are located at:     401-B Vernon Street,  Roseville, CA 95678

I look forward to meeting and working with you!